The Fall colors were popping today!(pic heavy)


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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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Peak foliage is happening now in CT and my mission today (and tomorrow) is to capture all the amazing colors. Topped it off with a "Red Sky at Night" to the South and a snapshot of the Super moon rising at the same time. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome..

Greater Yellowlegs 1 10_26 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Mallard 10_26 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Greater Yellowlegs 10_26 3 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Yellow Rumped Warbler 1 10_26 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Great Blue Heron 10_26 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Great Egret 10_26 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Red Sky at night 10_26 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

8 Snapshot
Full moon over foliage 10_26 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr
Love #1 but all are very nice as usual.
I really like the way you go about capturing fall colors!
I liked the greater yellowlegs shot.
What a wonderful set. Everything is so crisp and clean. Your work looks like it has virtually no post processing and that is intriguing to me. It has a very satisfying and love for life feel to them.

I'm with Derrel on my favorite, yellow legs. What a shot, perfectly still water for a split second more. Great execution.

Do you dress up in hunter gear and just hangout with a camera as opposed to a gun? Your work has a skillful hunter feel to it.

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BTW I hate you ;) we have lost all our leaves and no big birds left.
Beautiful pictures!!! Love the colors , they are so clear and crisp looking!
Yup. SWEETNESS! Really tough to pick a favorite, but but but hmmmm, the Egret feet and wing canopy does it for me.
Marvelous! Numbers 3 and 6 for me.
Wow. Just wow. Absolutely amazing as always. So many good ones to choose from...The mallard in flight is my favorite of this set.
#1 is stunning. The third one is gorgeous too. A beautiful set.
good stuff... i really like number 6

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