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Feb 16, 2006
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The top of a lighthouse designed by the architect Decimus Burton, with a frame of tram wires.
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Okay at first I was a little shakey on this one. It's nice to know a photographer so well that you have to keep looking because you just know there had to be a reason for the crop on the picture. My mind kept screaming it needs a tighter crop until I finally realized what my eye was seeing that my mind didn't recognize.

The crop isnt for the building its for the steel bats. Duh nobody ever said I was smart. I know you had to have a reason, so I'm going to ask why didn't you go for a wider shot and crop verticle to anchor the tower. Not second guessing you just honestly curious.

Now if i'm wrong about any or all of this please don't take offense. I'm wrong a lot around here ask anyone.
On this one mysteryscribe I was going for the blue sky and space in the shot as much as the lighthouse. I wanted the tram wires to be lines to lead the eye to the focus of interest, but not in an obvious way. I also wanted the wires to give visual interest to the left of the shot. I wanted to get the wire junctions in for the added interest they give. It was a bit of an experiment. Sometimes, as with this shot, you have to live with it a while to see if you like it. I decided I was OK with this one.There is a photograph to be had of the whole tower, but not early morning as here - too much shadow - the tower is among streets.

Regards, Tony
You really should be a retro photographer... The play it as it lays is almost one of the commandments from god. I understand now what the story is and I frankly like the shot. I just I knew there had to be a story with it. And yes the sky is striking.

I also noted the lines and the eye movement they causes and also yes it is something does take a little adjusting but I like it.

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