The fog rolled in..........: )

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Feb 4, 2005
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Planet Carolyn..Cool should visit!
It was a beautiful sight to behold.......Sorry the pic doesn't convey the magnificence that it truly was! Wanted to share it cant even see the mountain....and if you look closely you can see a house up on the mountain!


It was pretty dang cool to see!!! : )

Thanks for lookin'
i bet it was cool to see.....and i think you did a great job catching it...

love the muted colors....

thanks for sharing carolyn....
I'm sure it was! And thanks to you, we get to see it too! Nice shot!
looks like it was an awsome sight, nice one pg :thumbup:
I really like the muted tones in the pic, PG. Thanks for posting it.
I have seen the fog roll in over there :D
And you did a great job of capturing it!
It gets so thick over there sometimes, that you can't drive.
Nice one PhotoGirly. Really dig the fog, and love the way you captured it.
I was out yesterday and missed this ... hate that I did because this is a killer shot!

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