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Jan 31, 2005
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Northern Illinois
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Pictures of my cats with my first DSLR. How did I do?

Leo trying to nap.

Jinxie trying to do the same.

I'm pretty sure they're tired of the new camera by now, but they've been good sports. Now, on to the kids.

PS: What's the name of the condition that causes one to all of a sudden start to shoot hundreds of pictures a week? I think I have that now :)
I really like the one of Leo. I really think its cool how they are both looking into the camera and the color of the first cat. Did you do any PP?

I think it would have been nice if you used a lower number Fstop on the second one, but thats just me.
The only PS I did was to adjust the levels in the eyes to brighten them up a bit. Jinxie's eyes were pretty much black until I did that. The rest I left untouched.

I agree, the second one came out a little dark. I tried to compensate for the f/stop by bouncing the flash off the ceiling at full power, but we have 9 foot ceilings, so that was probably too far away to help enough. On Leo's, he's at the top of the couch so the light source is much closer.

I didn't realize I wasn't shooting RAW until after I was done - so much to remember to check now. I think I could have changed the f/stop afterwards if I had done that, is that correct thinking?

We have big windows in the living room, so I'm hoping to catch them there during the day at some point, but that's usually the time they sleep upstairs on (or under) the beds.
you can't change the aperture when you shoot can adjust exposure slightly...but it comes with can also adjust your whitebalance with no penalty.
I'd say that wasn't a bad start at all. The first one in particular does a great job of capturing the typical curiosity of a cat. The second is a little dark, but the main weakness is a rather distracting background. Not a bad effort though.
Thanks for the feedback.

I thought the background on the second might have been a little busy, too. Ironically, when I took the first one, there was a picture in the background under the light you see on the wall, and I adjusted by moving so it wasn't there.

With practice will come consistency.

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