The light and dark side of Fern.

Grandpa Ron

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Aug 9, 2018
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A hard frost covered the ground this morning so I thought I would get one last photo of Fern, before it turned brown. So I propped a white cardboard then a black cardboard behind the plant and took these photos.

Well in color photo the white cardboard is light blue, so I suppose I needed a UV filter, but the black card board was grey. I shot on auto and with aperture priority for minimal depth of field but it made no difference in the colors

Serendipity stuck when I converted the color photos to black and white. Whatever algorithm did the conversion, gave me these two lovely photos. All I had to do was adjust for contrast and add the vignetting and frame in post processing.

I have no idea why or how these color shots converted to black and white like they did. But sometimes it is better luck than skill.

fern art 1 bw.JPG

fern art 2 bw .JPG
I quite like these. Interesting backgrounds too.
These are great! It's hard to decide which I like best but I'll go with the first one.

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