The lonely tree (C&C)

May 28, 2013
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Now i really like this photo, all i want to know is if this photo is nice for me because it's good, or because it has a particular significance to me ( the tree that is ) haha.

I know the sky is a bit ****ed :/ But other than that i really like this... thoughts?

The lonely tree is a popular cliche and so it may have less impact merely because of its familiarity.
And this one doesn't look so lonely because we can't really see it isolated, it's in a nice congenial spot next to a river and there is lots of greenery around.
From a photographic viewpoint, the image is rather low contrast and the lone tree sort merges with the background plus there is lots of featureless sky.

On the whole, I think this is a shot that gets most of its impact on you from personal allusions.

Thank you, i kind of assumed so myself really, i mean i can see from myself that it is, as a whole, a little dull - colour-wise.
Also the sky irritates me beyond belief.

Thank you for your insight :)
The absolutely hardest thing to do is to be objective about one's own work.
We are not our own worst critics.
What a wonderful area to live near. I agree with Lew that the tree gets lost, but I think there's a nice photo here.
Certainly worth going back and exploring - maybe morning light would provide more dramatic shadows and textures.

I used B&W to enhance the near and far tree and accentuate some of the shadows in the distant field. And cropped out the lovely sky some ;)
Hope you don't mind.


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