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    I took a backpacking trip on the lost coast of California and rather then try to show them all at once, im gonna try and do a little series here of 4 or so pics per day.
    The lost coast of California is South of Eureka California. It is the longest stretch of undeveloped coast in the lower 48 states. When California was building highway 1, (the rout that runs along most of the California coast) it was determined that the stretch that is now the lost coast was too rugged to build a road through so they diverted the route 40 miles inland.

    This hike is the longest beach hike anywhere in the lower 48. we hiked 24 miles in 3 days along black sand beaches, boulder fields that stretched for miles and ever so often a wonderful wonderful section of hard packed trail.

    here is the start.

    my hiking buddy :)

    gloomy weather on the first day

    start of the trail



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