The meeting of two TPF vets

o hey tyler

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Aug 3, 2009
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So, as some of you may remember, Pierre (AKA Bigtwinky) used to post here quite a bit. He's a Canuck that's not too far from me geographically (roughly 6hrs driving). He booked a wedding right in my town last year, and now we're shooting together today!

Looking forward to working with the fine sir. And I'll be sure to post some photographs at some point of our exploits.


Alors, vous allez apprendre comment de parler en Francais? Ou peut-etre Franglais?

(So, you're going to learn how to speak French? or maybe Franglais?) (Franglais = the french/english hybrid that bilingual montreallers tend to slip into...)
Damn! Pierre really gets around! Have fun!!
$5 says you end up in OOB.
No OOB but my lady and I are sober watching drunk people downtown Portland. Still pretty fun.

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