The mill by the river


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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I like this spot. I have been there often and taken many photos.
Here are the newest ones, taken today:









It is too cold for mid-March! Where is the Gulf Stream?

(You might recognise the last from this thread here:
wooohooo... so I see that it is not only Poland with snow in the mid-march...
Nice series there! I especially like #4 with abstract reflections in the water and #9 is a just a beautiful, serene shot. Nice composition and exposure on all of them btw.
Gulf Stream? Not anywhere near here... Brrrrrrr.
Excellent series Corinna. Im thinkin the last is my fave of the lot. All are really well done. Love the colour in 3 and 4 too.:thumbup: :thumbup:
Thank you so much, the three of you.
I really appreciate your replies.
I wish I could have stayed in that place for longer, there were some nice birds around. But soon enough I felt this urge to go to the bathroom......... and that usually makes me return home much sooner than I would otherwise have done ;). Ah well...
When I saw number 3 I thought to myself how wonderful that red is, and was I ever in for a treat as I scrolled to the next one. Really enjoyed these LaFoto :)
DestinDave said:
Depends Babe, Depends :lol::lol:

Well, it depends if I really want to go that far... and it depends on whether I wait for some cool birds to show up for me or whether I decide to just photograph what I get (and it depends on how much coffee I have had in the morning before I leave...) --- yesterday, while in Hamburg at Ohlsdorf Cemetery, I could hold out for hours...

I'm glad I could make you happy with the reflection of the red shed on the water, Brittany ... does the ice on the corner of the near building come out well enough, too?
nice shots corinna, i also really enjoyed the colors in the reflection shot... i see you are putting that camera to good use! :thumbup:
hey, lafoto, you sure dont need me to tell you how great these are...but the second one is really cool... i had to look for a bit to see if it was frost or fuzzies...then i caught the snow...

i love these all..but the 2nd one is just very creative to me....
aprilraven said:
...i love these all..but the 2nd one is just very creative to me....

Aw, thank you so :hugs: ! And say thank you to nature for I was not as creative as nature was on Monday morning!
DestinDave said:
Depends Babe, Depends :lol::lol:

After I posted that I wondered how much mileage it would get and thought maybe not much at all... In America there is a brand of adult diaper called "DEPENDS" - that's what I was laughing about...
I know! I got that! ;)

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