The most beautiful girl

Yes, a well-done photo. Congratulations on making a very wise decision regarding the f/stop used--f/5 is a good choice when so close! Not too wide an aperture, not too narrow! The good focus and slightly slow fall-off in the depth of field keeps the illusion of real-ness alive; many people might choose a wide aperture like f/1.8 for this type of shot, and the DOF falls off extremely rapidly and calls attention to itself when such an f/stop is used.

The catchlights in the eyes are nice and big, due to her looking up at the sky, and the sky being so large and expansive, it creates a wide, wide catchlight that draws immediate attention to the sparkly eyes. Your outline in the eyes is a byproduct of the shooting situation, and is not a good thing nor a bad thing, just the way that works. Some people here have expressed worry about their reflection being seen in this type of shooting situation, but I don't worry about that at all.

This type of shooting situation, with the subject in shade, but lighted by a large area of sky-light from open sky creates this type of beautiful eye catchlight, and is I think, one of the better types of natural light for casual portraiture. The subject is not lighted by sun-light, but sky-light.
cropped a little tight on the top end, but good aperture choice.
I dont care for shallow DOF portraits where the face is in focus, but focus drops off at the ears/neck.
the expression is great, and I like the angle.
a very nice shot, especially if not planned out ahead of time.
if this was a staged shot, I would have fixed the hair a bit first. of course, it might matter less for a kid.
It wasn't planned.
I was taking pictures of her and on this one I only told her to look up (she was seated on the grass).
Thanks for the comments.

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