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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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I stumbled on this location today that I fell in love with! It made my head hurt with anticipation of getting in there. This shot was beside the location that I will be photographing soon. The reason I didn't go in these today is because I had my daughters with me (12 and 15). I've called my security team and will get in there soon! I can't wait.

In the meantime: Enjoy!


$DSC_0045 web copy.jpg
lol... that's what I call them (I forgot that not everybody's in on my "inside joke"). My 2 best friends put up with some of my photo outings (I feature them both every now and then on my blog). One is a retired (at age 39: <pppffttt>) homicide detective and the other is a Sargent in a local Sheriff's Department.

This place is pretty beat up and they carry guns... they're going! ;o)
Haha nice! If i were shooting in a bad area it would be nice to know people with guns and badges!!

Plus, they can carry stuff :D
Thanks! I tried it in B&W but it didn't quite translate. I'd love to see this done in HDR but I don't have the right software.

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