The Photographer's Workshop? Anyone heard of it?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Boston®, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Sounds much like this forum except, well better but for a fee. I was just wondering if it was legitimate or just a scam.

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    They are claiming to be bigger than They must be pretty big if that's true. Strange that I've never heard of them. It sounds like one huge sales pitch that's geared to feeding one's ego or insecurity, depending.


    I did a little digging. It looks like they are associated with

    From what I've seen, like to send out e-mails telling people that they love their photo and that they either want to buy it or that it won a contest. I think they also run The scammers that do this really will publish your image/poetry in a book, but they will publish any image if they think they can get the photographer to buy a copy. It's all a scam to sell books. The photography in them is usually trash, and the only people who buy them are the photographers who have images in them. You are better off printing your own with print-on-demand.

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