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Feb 1, 2004
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This poster is going into print any time soon now. It advertises a "Musical for the entire family", a combined theatre, dance, singing performance, an adaptation of a Grimm's Fairy Tale. The pro designers ... don't look. :oops:


I made it.
I don't like the text down at the bottom. It's too generic, and I'm against changing single letters to different colors to oppose the background. This is all my opinion though. If I were you, I'd put a drop shadow on the text so you can maintain a single color.
I second the drop shadow. And I would change the font but that's just me.
The picture is nice, but I don't like the comic sans. The top part with the logo and the frau holde looks nice with the curve around the two models though.
I think for an advertisement, its ok as is. I Think any other font color wouldn't do this justice. I think everything is good as is, but thats just me!
For a poster ad, it's great Corina. Maybe wall art in a museum, it would need a little tweaking. Don't change a thing.
Hey, thanks for the replies.
The making-of this poster has such a long history, I won't bore you with it, the thing is: the design is not originally mine (like the decision to use Comic Sans for the bottom lettering or to put it all above the persons' legs), though this version is my copy of the poster design (and the bowed "Frau Holde" on top is my idea).

But the photo is mine.
And "the session" was as they all are: in the rehearsal room, upon shortest notice, done with what was there (ambient light, thankfully my new speedlite at last, and the room's walls, no more), and over in five minutes.

This is no attempt to justify all that went wrong ... it's the situation as was. No more.

And think about it: it is nothing but a poster ad for a play in the country, done for free (other than the printing), for a little one-person dance school...

Hey - it might be interesting for you to see the original photo on which I built up the poster?

Bad girl changed the colour ;)

I think it looks nice. The switching from wblack to white to black in the text is a bit confusing for the eye, I agree with the others here.
Pretty girls, nice shot, cool poster!
My only advice for the poster; use only two fonts. Generally one serif (text area) and one sans-serif (your headline or main display area). That's a bit of a rule of thumb in ad circles. Of course, you can use Helvetica on everything like the doc says...(sarcasm).
Well, the original poster design (i.e. the writing) was done by one of the dancing girls, who is 14 or 16, something like that. I was happy to only provide the photo and have them design their poster as they pleased but then was told that the printers had to return the poster, as it turned all blurry in the print. I thought by myself, hey, why is that so? The other dance school had made an A2-poster from one of my photos before and there was no blur, why now? Until the girl's mother told me the girl had pulled my photo file into WORD and painstakingly put on the lettering in WORD, to later present a .doc-file to the printers. Oh dear, well, that HAD to go wrong. I had thought they'd work with PS, too, never would I have expected them to do this in WORD! Right, so I said, listen, I make an exact copy of the girl's design in PS. I did not want to work against her ideas, only did I quickly do in an hour what had taken her half of her Christmas vacation (part of which was changing the letter colour when they crossed different background colours) - that is why it is Comic Sans (had been the girl's choice), and that is why there is the colour change.

I think, I would have tried to leave the girls' legs well alone...
I think it must be very exciting to see your picture used in a poster, and that your heart must do a little dance every time you see it. :boogie: Congrats.
Done in word! :shock: Oh man talk about improvising hahaha! Thats funny though, I like how you kept what they did and put it on yourself. That was nice to do because then the girl can still see what the poster would look like. Thats a funny story though!
I like it, nice job corinna.

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