The Rule of Thirds


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Oct 2, 2010
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hi all

i'm a noob and have a question about the rule of thirds. i have a Nikon D90 and when i turn on the grid in the view finder on, its not thirds but splits the screen in quarters 4 across and 4 vertical. how do i change it to thirds, and if there is no such thing of thirds, then where do i position the subject in quarters.

Your grid is correct. The RoT is on the intersect points.
What are your a1 and a2 settings?
just train your eye to see with the rule of thirds...its not an exact science, it doesnt need to be EXACTLY on the intersect point
There is no requirement to position subjects per the rule of thirds or quarters. The rule of thirds is just an attempt to educate people that some arrangements look better than others. Kind of like mixing stripes with checks in clothing. But separately they are just fine.

Further more some compositions look best when violating all "the rules" just like sometimes stripes and checks together look just fine. For example look at this tie: Photo - mixing_checks_and_stripes-purple(1).jpg - Detroit Men's Style |

The "rule of thirds" is no rule at all. Merely a suggestion for consideration. Positions the subject wherever it yields the most successful composition.

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