Theatre - Wit & Steel Magnolias


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Nov 18, 2007
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Here are a couple of pictures I took at my high school theatre:


Wit (Character Vivian Bearing who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer) The chairs in the background are blurry, I know.


Wit (Vivian and the doctor [I forgot his name])


Steel Magnolias (The date is slightly visible, I know.)

What do you guys think?
Honestly, its not just the chairs that are blurry. Everything is blurry, in every photo. What type of camera are you using? What were your settings? The lighting was probably pretty bad in the auditorium. Does your camera have manual settings or do you have to shoot everything on automatic?
I think you are doing well on your composition, but these just look more like snapshots as far as focus and lighting.
Well, big cheer for you trying to photograph with the existing light and not having the flash pop up. If you had gone all AUTO, it WOULD have popped up. The light was too low for you to handhold, which is most evident in the first.

My favourite of this little series is the second, it is clearest and speaks a lot out of itself. Wit has a lot of expression, and "the doctor" looks quite thoughtful, too.

But by the look of things, despite the high iso, there was too little light for you... you get camera shake.

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