Please critique these baby pictures?


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Nov 20, 2007
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My first photo session with a baby. I didn't use a fill flash because I wasn't sure if that would be too hard on his eyes. He is 4 weeks old.




Hopefully I won't get slaughtered for this, but I used the automatic settings on my digital rebel xt. Then I adjusted the levels and color balance in photoshop. I used to know how to use other settings and am trying to brush up on that.
Thats fine. They just look a touch blurry to me and I was wondering if that was cuz of to slow a shutter speed and camera shake. #3 just looks like it's out of focus but I like the colage. I am not a fan of that blankets though (is it old navy? I love their fleece!) It just seems over powering and bright for baby photos.
It was pretty low light, so I think it was slow shutter speed.
It's a walmart blanket. :)
I actually love the blanket. I love all of them, they are great! You propped the baby up nicely. My only critiques would be in #2, maybe put a little something under his head, and in the last one, there is one point on the blanket that is more in focus than the baby. He is blurry, know what I mean?
In none of them is the baby in focus.

Black and white one is kinda flat as well.
I agree with what everyone else is saying. Also, I'm sure these are a just a few of many, but make sure you are moving around, getting different angles, propping the baby on his other side, back, stomach, etc. If you did do those things, and just didn't show us, then ignore this comment. :) Just one thing that stuck out to me is that the baby is in the same position in every shot.
I like the colors & tone of the pictures especially the selection of white on red & visa versa. I would just be careful with red since you can get some reflection onto the skin making it look pink.

I agree with moving around & changing up the pose. The pose you have is good, just don't keep replicating it. The blur is an issue. Good chance it's because of the low light, but make sure your focusing brackets are concentrating on the eyes.
Thanks for all the great feedback, everybody. I agree that the focusing is an issue. I'll definitely pay more attention to that in the future.

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