Things I've wasted $$$ on - What about you?


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Dec 30, 2010
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San Jose, CA
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My needs and your needs need not be the same but over the years I've bought items I rarely use. Things that I feel/felt important to possess but having acquired a particular style of shooting I just have hanging about.

1) Tripod (oh my!) Yes I never use one. I own a Manfrotto and it's purty.
2) Monopod. Same as above!
3) Light meter. An expensive one! Even shooting strobes I never use it. It does all kinds of tricks too!
4) Cases and bags. OK I have a number that I bought to find the one that I really like.
5) A ton of memory cards. Good to have? I use one and carry a backup. Even my D810 can't fill it up!
6) Books I've never read, DVDs I should watch that I spent hundreds on!

I'm sure there's more. How about you? Make any purchases that just sit around?
Memory cards.... I probably have 6 or 7 and have one that stays in the camera and another in the bag for backup
Women. Oh for photography, Tamron 150-600mm
M4/3 system. Went RUNNING back to my DSLR. Many straps in the quest to find something cheap. Ended up with the Black Rapid. Should have started there. To many software editors to count. Should have started with PS. It's the industry standard for a reason.
Tripods! OMG. On my 5th one. Have I got my last one?
I'm sure there's plenty more. But that's enough humility for now:)
Wine, women and song.
Lots of extra memory cards. A crappy tripod only to have it break in a few months and eventually upgrade to a nice carbon fiber one.

Monopod? Used it a bit but ended up kinda hating it...

Waterproof bag... Used it once and hated it.. trying to sell it now.

Pelican 1560 case. I went and bought too big.... sold it and trying to get a smaller one.

Sure there's lots of other things, but those come to mind first.

I have a tripod addiction; I'm not sure how many I actually own, but since it's a medical condition (my story) I don't think it can be called a "waste". A lightning trigger.... Victoria sees one good thunder storm every couple of years on average, more bags than I can shake a stick at... a bunch of oddball Cokin filters (anyone need a PINK G-ND?)... I'm sure there's more...
Yongnuo flash and triggers. I guess I still use the flash, sometimes, but I had so many issues with those stupid triggers. Something was always out of sync, or it would flash once and then not flash again for 20 minutes or so, then when I gave up and just ignored it it would start again. Most temperamental piece of trash ever.

From what others have said about them, I think I might have just gotten a bad copy. But I still won't trust them again.

I never really use the flash gels. I'm glad I have them, I guess, just in case. But the problems they solve just don't seem to be problems I often run into.

Maybe the black cover on my umbrella? I always shoot through it. I mean, I didn't pay extra or anything but as long as we're talking about things we could do without...

Oh, and the kit lens. I bought my camera on sale, so buying it with the kit lens was actually the same price as body only, but still. I haven't used it in at least two years. To be honest, I'm not completely certain I know where it is...
Is this the place to buy the stuff you've read about you wanted but didn't want to pay retail so it can be bought here on the cheap cheap? :D
Macro Filters, that 55-250 EF-S lens(sold that).... A bunch of crap lenses from eBay or Craigslist (also resold). Other than that, not much. I bought a $50 Dolica tripod 3 years ago and just now need to replace it, so that doesn't really count.

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