Thinking of shooting sRAW instead of RAW on a regular basis


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Nov 13, 2008
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So I know of course the whole MP thing where RAW gives me the 21mp vs 10mp but for 4x6 even 8x10 I am thinking using sRAW should work out well?

Here's my reasoning behind the theory. Beside the 5D MK 2 and 1DS everything else is much lowers. Even the 1D MK III is shooting at 10mp. Even the older 5D MK1 has done the same w/out having an issue shooting weddings and such.

So during a space crunch, does it work using sRAW at 10mp?
Have you seen how beautiful the 5D-II's sRAW images are???
I haven't played with it yet. So far been doing RAW. Is it bad or are you being serious?
Set the camera to sRAW. Shoot photos. Be prepared to be impressed. Seriously.

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