This is amazing.. How does he do it?

2 (or more) photos from slightly different angles.
Looks to me like some sort of stereo camera set up, then he just takes the two frames and animates them wiggling back and forth. The effect seems to work really well on some of them, and not so well on others I think.
In my opinion they look ridiculous and no where near amazing.
I would be somewhat interested in this if there was a way to do it with one (printable) image - how do you print an animation? I think I'll experiment around with it this weekend - try to get something that has the same 3D effect without the animation.
This one (in .gif format) is 2 different frames animated at 0.06 seconds.
This one (in .gif format) is 10 different frames animated at 0.04 seconds each frame.
i dont get it... i think they look foolish...

In my opinion they look ridiculous and no where near amazing., this type of imagery makes me a bit motion sick.

My thoughts exactly. What good is a picture if you can't look at it for more than two seconds without feeling nauseous???:lmao:

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