This week’s challenge 7/11 - 7/17 Foreground interest

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I'll be honest, those systems scare the ... out of me. The voltage on those sprayers are insanely high to power all of them, and then they are wet.... The pictures on the other hand are awesome! Nice photo set! =]
Them onion shots look fantastic.
Great photos of the fields and sunset.

You got it. Well done. What time? Where?

It was very visible from about 90 minutes after sunset until midnight. This was taken in Gloucester MA at Lighthouse Beach. Access and parking were the biggest hurdles. The oceanfront people in Gloucester do not like to share their views with the proletariat.

Good to know. I may head up to the Skyline Drive and try to catch it from there.
Notably, that airplane sustained hail damage in the area of that cloud the next day which had similar vertical cloud development.

I think a lot of pilots forget that with that much vertical force, a cloud like that can toss hail up out and down range quite a distance!

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