Thornbridge hunt


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Oct 31, 2008
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Chesterfield UK
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Just a quick edit, i was the mug that had to get up early to tow my partners horse so i'm felling a bit tired

The first things that hit me on seeing this were:
* does that building have an odd lean on the right hand end?
* I wish those three "rear - end" horses would get out of the way so I could see the dogs (the back end of horses don't hold the same fascination as the front)
I like the balance here and I think you got the sky/ground mix right. The position of the rainbow is good and draws my eye into the building. There is good interest on the sides which keeps my eye in the image. I just wonder if there was a better image in getting low ans close to the dog pack with the two horses, building and rainbow in the background. I think that might have told more of a story and had more dynamic tension in it. (Then again, you may have been restricted with what you could accomplish here on that day)
I like the intensity in the blue sky. I find this image interesting - and that is NOT a backhanded dismissal ... I really find the scene interesting and would love to be there asking questions and finding out more. I can feel the "calm before the storm" moody, the waiting and the anticipation for the hunt to start.
Thanks for posting.

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