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Thoughts and Critique (baby photo shoot)


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Sep 3, 2010
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This is my first time trying this so be gentle-ish:)

There are a number of these, so if you could just make suggestions for each, I'd appreciate...also, which do you think is the best of the bunch?

2,3 are with a Novatron
1,4 are outside
5 is with my new speedlite flash






Gonna throw one non-baby in also...does he look too angry here?
THoughts on composition, this is with the speedlite outside on a cloudy day...needed speedlite cause his eyes have major shadows...
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your critique is ?????
Anything a bit more helpful?
First three shots are cute poses. 2 and 3 are a little washed out for me, though. Number 4 is great but why the blue thing around his neck. His gaze is obviously under the chair, but the colour around his neck s demanding attention. NUmber 6 is just really blown. He doesn't look angry to me, but intense. It almost looks like you caught him changing outdoors and he's challenging the lens.
They are very nice for a first time. First three are close to being the same pose/angle. I would like to see something different. I really like the first one, if I were being picky the top left corner seems out of place. #4 is cute!
1. i dont like that i can see that the baby is just on a blanket on what looks to be barren ground. i would also consider cropping out the diaper. nothing cute about disposable diapers.
2. echo diaper sentiment.
3. is pretty nice...tough to get rid of the diaper on that one.
4. i loathe selective coloring, but that just a matter of personal pref. wish i could see what has the little guys attention. unfortunate amputation there. i may have gone landscape with this one.
5. cute! looks like focus was missed here. i would consider playing with contrast a little bit to add some depth. it's ashame the dead space is behind him instead of in front. i might recrop if it was my pic.
6. i dont think he looks angry...just not pleased lol. background is undesirable, especially the beam going thru his head. good job keeping him off center, but it only allows for more of that background. not sure what id do here. it's pretty well lit. still has some of the raccoon eye effect going on...where was the flash? on cam? angled?

i think all of them could use a bit of contrast.

keep shootin! :D

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