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Oct 20, 2007
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I have a 30d and a 50 1.8. So far throughout the year i'm planning to get:

sigma 24-70 (possibly upgrading to the canon equivalent later)
canon 85 1.8
canon 200 2.8

They cover a nice range and i like portrait photography so thats another plus.
im not 100% sure that 24mm will be wide enough, but it will do for most of my shooting.

Im not a pro (yet?), at least not for at least ten years. Do you think these lenses offer a good balance between price and quality?

any thoughts or suggestions?

(p.s. happy belated holidays! :))
The 200mm f2.8 is going to be a little too long on a cropped sensor.

For portraits, I think you'll be fine with the zoom (24-70ish of choice), 50mm f1.8, and 85mm f1.8.

Perhaps upgrading from a 50mm f1.8 to the f1.4 version (now or later) will also be a good move. The f1.4 has more aperture rings for a smoother bokeh and out of focus points of light.

In portraits, the lighting is just as important as the lens. Don't forget your lighting... save and plan for it.
this will also double as a walkaround setup
i might swap the 200mm for a wider lens if the 24-70 isn't wide enough, but i like the thought of very tight head shots and distance shots with the 200mm


oh, i forgot to add that ill also add a flash in there :)
The 200mm will be "up yer nose" tight head shots unless you are outside. It wiil also be heavy. Wouldn't think it is useful as a portrait lens.
do you guys think the 85mm and 200mm make a good replacement for a 70-300 IS?
I probably wouldn't spend the money on a 70-200 2.8 at this point
but either way id still definitely get the 85mm
If ultimately you priority is image quality, the 85mm and 200mm (or just about any other prime in various focal lengths) will outperform the 70-300 IS by a long shot. If your priority lies within the flexibility of a zoom, then of course the 70-300 IS is a better choice.

The reason why the 70-200 f2.8L is such a well received lens in the professional community (and expensive) is the fact that it provides near-prime image quality in a flexible zoom package.

BTW... (sorry for a plug in).. My 4 prime set is for sale (24mmL, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, and 135mm f2L). See this thread:

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