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Feb 25, 2013
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  • $Fire_Training-106August 21, 2013untitled shoot-August2013.jpg
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I think you got the orientation backwards. Shooting the first in landscape and the second portrait I think would have made for stronger photos.
They are both still strong images. I would like to see more information in #1; at first glance it looks like a baseball field, and I'm not fond of the car in the background. I do like all that water, however - nice job. The second is a very nice portrait that could easily be strengthened by cropping out some of the right side of the frame. I'm guessing you wanted to leave enough space for the fireman to be looking towards - it's not really bothering me with your chosen DOF, but you might want to play with another crop.

Nice work, overall.
I agree with ronlane, though I do think the second one works in landscape as well, the dead space adds some drama to the composition. but well done on exposure and execution.
I think the second image has it's power in such orientation in which it was presented to us. No need to change, this is not a portrait of a young man. It's a portrait of a watchful firefighter. :wink:

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