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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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I try off-and-on to practice with photos of people but finding friends who are willing to have photos taken is a gamble with futility at times. Here are three photos I'd like some insight into on what I can change or look for the next rare times someone is willing to stand in front of my lens. Or should I just quit while I'm "ahead"? I realize I need lots of practice but am trying at the same time to find my own style without my photos looking like the same type you see in almost every magazine or portrait studio portfolio.



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As I practice more, I'll make sure to continue evolving with my exposures. These are a tad dark I'm sure.
Per your request, here are my thoughts.

1 - The lighting seems way to harsh and it looks like the focus was on the wall rather than the person.
2 - This looks a bit underexposed and out of focus.
3 - This one looks like an underexposed snapshot. Stepping to the right and removing the light from the frame would have allowed for an image with less dynamic range. It would have made it easier to correctly expose the people. You may also want to try spot metering and using flash in a situation like this.

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