three skaters, but need advice


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Sep 27, 2005
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Netherlands, Hulst
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These are three pictures of skaters, all showing some motion blur. This is not per definition a bad thing in this case, but I did not manage to get them properly focussed and exposed. Of course, it was very crowded there and little room to move to a better position. Other pictures I have I used 1/200 exposure and the motion blur was gone, but then the composition wasn't too great. Hope you like them. What should be the ideal settings for this?



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people still roller blade? alright...

try the pan technique, focus on the skater then as they pass keep following them with your camera which will keep them in focus and blur the background. use shutter priority at around 1/60th or slower

if you are able to use curtain sync flash that can look cool also (read in your camera's manual, if you have an external flash read in its manual)

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