Thursday Night Lights - week 7


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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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The schools here had fall break, this week so all the teams moved the games to Thursday night instead of Friday. (Makes for a LONG day at work on Friday for me.)

This week, I got to spend some time before the game getting ready and preparing for the evening shoot. This is something that helps me to have a better game, when I have time to do this.

Here are a few from last night. Again, 7D mk ii, 70-200mm f/2.8L, Manual with shutter between 1/640 - 1/1000, f-stop between 2.8 - 3.5, ISO - auto with max at 6400 and +1 EV on them.

1) Defense stared the game strong.

2) For just scoring a TD, you would think he would have more emotion.

3) Pass.


4) Deciding on where to run.




6) Trying to get to the corner.


7) Field goal try.


8) Looking for the ball.

Nice set Ron. Did you try to get that same kicker shot with the ball in the air?

I see them each Friday at my sons games, but holy smokes are the high school kids HUGE!
I'm sure you see the same thing. Here are rosters of teams we've played this year. So many 6'0 230 plus and not shortage of 6'5 270's. YIKES.

San Clemente Football Roster | MaxPreps
El Toro Football Roster | MaxPreps
Tesoro Football Roster | MaxPreps

Can you give me the names of a few teams you have shot, so I can compare? Interested if they feed them any differently in the OK. :)
I'll have to look at the kicker shots. I try to fire off about 3-4 frames during that time.

Yeah the kids are getting bigger and bigger it seems.

Some of the teams that I have shot this year are:

Midwest City
Norman North
Edmond Memorial

I do have to be careful about getting run over at times. (and I'm not small at 5"11 265)
Yeah, there have been some big boys playing this year.

@JacaRanda, I went back in and looked at my field goal photos. (I actually shot like 3 of them, lol). Here are 2 and then one other that I think is kind of funny.

1) Did you want the ball out in front like this?


2) Or just off the foot like this?


3) My meme for this one is. "Can someone get this guy a gatorade, he's trying to drink the ball."

Nice Series Ron.Yes the kids are huge now a days. Must be a lot more hormones in the food or something.When I was in high school many moons ago, I don't remember any one that big ever.What I think is crazy when I see a teenager that looks like a full grown big man in his mid twenty's.
Thanks DarkShadow. I can remember nearly 30 years ago, we had like one guy about 300 but he couldn't really pull or anything. Heck, we had a center that was 135 and I was playing receiver at 145.
Ron, another great series of images. The only one I would have changed up would be the head shot #2. I would have cropped it as a really tight vertical, even cutting though the back of the helmet, going in tighter on the eyes.

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