Tiger & The KING: I Think My BEST Work YET!


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Nov 13, 2008
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I've never been more impressed w/ my work and I know I'm a beginner and all but these really did it for me! Hope you guys like them :D

Oh and yes, I am aware that the lion picture may look not alligned but it is.




Im lookin forward to going to a zoo and taking some pics. There is a place here called Shanghai Wild Life park, I havent been there but some friends have. They have lions, tigers and bears ( oh my) and a Liger. I imagine you cant get some pretty good action shots there...you go around in a bus with bars on it and for a price you can feed the animals live prey and from what I understand the tigers get pretty wild jumping on to the bus waiting for a snack. The lions are more casual about it. Live chickens is what the feed them.
Yeah zoo can be fun but go early because when we went the animals were just too tired to do do anything. In the morning they're hungry and active. Also on a nice cool day instead of a very hot day. Plus going early means most animals will be out where when we went, a lot of them were going inside.
I like them all... However, I LOVE the black and whites... I would pay for the B&W tiger if the sun were playing a bit nicer for you. Great shots.

Thanks! That is a great compliment!

The tiger is sitting is splotchy light. You should had asked him to move over some. :lmao:

I like the lion shot. Nice bokeh.

I asked and this is what he said! LOL

Thanks! I dont know why but in my comp, the colors look alot better, especially the B&W where its more darker and my monitor is set to super light....
like the BW tiger and the color lion

Narrower aperture may help, a Flickr account will probably be your best bet. Photobucket compresses the **** out of photos and makes them generally look like ass. I have a Photobucket account for junk and a Flickr account for photos.
Nice work, much better than what I was getting when I was a beginner.
It's been three years since I've been to the National Zoo, I think a trip there is in order once my girlfriend comes back from Greece.

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