Tiger's Stadium - Detroit


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Oct 6, 2008
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Was on a quick road trip to Detroit a few weeks ago. Turns out there was a baseball game.
I spotted a parking garage that would give a fun view of the stadium, but the security guard said that he cant let anyone up as it is a coveted view of the stadium that many people want. After a bit of chatting up, he finally agreed to let me up. I was travelling light with a Fuji X100S, but still got a decent shot.

Goes to show that sometimes, a little friendly smile and polite chatting can get you accesses that you normally shouldn't have... no need to break in haha

If you want to read more on my trip and see a bunch more images (I won't spam the forum with all of them), I updated my blog with them. Welcome to Detroit... we are open - Pierre B Photo

That's a hell of a view indeed! Nice shot!

Man I love baseball stadiums...and well, baseball in general. I need to get out to more of them than just Citizens Bank Park in Philly though lol.
hehehe... you should tour different stadiums and find ways to get cool shots.

A few years back I tried to convince the guards to let me in to the Boston Gardens roof to get a shot of the bridge. Can't win 'em all !

And the guard was just more worried that the shot would end up in local media... the fact we were out of towners and I had a small "cheap looking" camera helped. I had 5 minutes to run up 6 flights of stairs take my shots and come down. I grabbed my friends D3 and 14-24, shoved it in my bag and ran up. But i dont use Nikon, so I just switched it to Aperture and shot lol
anyway you can get the sky back? Oh wait, you didn't shoot RAW; always.
anyway you can get the sky back? Oh wait, you didn't shoot RAW; always.

I was shooting raw, one of the reasons i use the fuji :)
the sky was worked on somewhat to pull out those clouds. Weather conditions werent the best, it was pretty bright and overcast. Id prefer getting good detail in the stands and field over the sky.

and no, i wont hdr hahaha

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