Time, Please Pass Me Faster Than I Realize


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Sep 19, 2011
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I have not been on here in awhile due to the fact my Mission has changed and I had to send my camera home :( No more Canon DSLR over here for me for the next 4 months till I get to come home for good.

I have a Cheap $50-$70 Insignia camera to take pics with so I am going to make due. Here is one I took while In a guard tower. We do 8 hour shifts and you start to go crazy up there sometimes.


0.033 sec (1/30)
5 mm

Focal Length
ISO Speed
Great pic. I love the lighting and the emotion that's captured in this. I wish you a safe and happy return home!
Thanks Diddy, Only 4 more months...I cannot wait.
Ya I hope so, This new mission we took on is driving me insane with boredom hahaha.

My Squad leader says every soldier does a guard tower at least once in his life...good things its not all the time.

I just really miss my canon, When I get home I am going to get the 50mm 1.4, I cannot WAIT IM SO EXCITED
This is an evocative photo - there is a real sense of sadness. I like the lighting too. Wishing you a safe journey home :thumbup:
thanks a ton PhotoTish, Awesome to hear great things about my photos.

This was a self portrait to lol, I was super depressed that day. Working 7 days in a row and moving around really wears on you.
Thanks for your posts and for the job you are doing.

Your photos always bring back memories and emotions for me from my time in the service. I feel camaraderie and at the same time a profound loneliness and a desire to connect with the people back home. There is a sense of adventure balanced by a sense of boredom. You do a great job of capturing these emotions.

For me, I was stuck deep inside an aircraft carrier. No guns or fear, just lots of noise and boredom. During desert shield I kept the engineering office floor shiny and the Chief Engineer well caffeinated. I spent an 8 hours of everyday out to sea sitting in a chair in central control just waiting for something to happen.

I hope these 4 months go fast. Keep taking photos.
I am so proud of the work you and your entire outfit are doing over there. I like the photo too--very evocative, and a good title too.
Only four months to go - keep taking those photos :thumbup:
Thanks Derrel, Means alot to know we got you guys behind us.

And Desi I know how you felt sitting there in that chair. Sometimes you just go insane haha, I thank you for your past service.

If you guys wanna follow me and more of my photos I will be posting hit me up on my fb page Benjamin Vilina.Matchless Arts Photography | Facebook

Thanks again everyone
Love it. Great light, nice focus. Without knowing the location I would have guessed a ship. Stay safe.
Love the shot. Lots of emotion and feeling in it. I do wonder what the 60 is pointing at though ;)

Boredom and depression aren't limited to the military. They are a fact of life no matter what we are doing sometimes. Being a long way from most everything that matters to you makes a helluva difference though.

Thanks for being there. A lot of us do care and appreciate what you guys do over there.
One of my favorite shots you've taken. Funny how even with a P&S you can get some good shots once you understand the photog principles. Nicely done. I bet that canon will feel real nice once you get it back.

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