Tips for First Couples Session

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by kevbo1, Jan 4, 2008.

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    It looks like we're going to finally have a nice winter weekend here so I found a couple who is willing to give me a few hours of their time to get my first practice at doing couples portraits.

    I have an XTI with a 17-85 IS an a 430ex flash.

    We've got lots of snow on the ground so I wan't to make sure that I get a nice bright fresh look to the snow without washing out their faces - depending if it's sunny or cloudy, what can I do to ensure this? Not sure if this matters but I usually use an expo disc to help get the white balance.

    Any other tips that might help out a first timer?

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    Watch your exposure.
    If you have a lot of snow in the scene, the camera's meter will be fooled into underexposing the you will need to add exposure compensation. Or you could get a meter reading that is not affected by the snow in the scene.

    The bright snow might also effect the flash metering (which is separate from the regular (ambient) metering) you might also have to turn up the FEC.

    Either way, concentrate on getting good exposure on the faces of your subjects.

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