Tips for shooting in HIGH light (beach), Portraits, Silhouette


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Mar 1, 2009
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We are all mostly worried about LOW light conditions... What happens when your places with intense sun? I would be visiting Malaysia and maybe Angkor and it only gets hot and hotter in those places.

I know there is no solid question here... and it is a little ambiguous but what sort of tricks do you guys use... filters etc?
If you are shooting portraits in a very sunny location, I think the best thing you can do is to use a diffusion screen/panel. There are those 5-in-1 foldable reflectors. If you take off the covers, the base layer is a diffusion panel. Have an assistant hold the panel between the model and the sun and you now have some of the best lighting you will find.

If you are doing full body shots, you may need a bigger screen. It's not uncommon to use a very large screen (10' plus) for this...but you would need a frame for it etc.

Add some directional lighting with your own lights or reflector and you're getting close to the SI swimsuit edition. ;)
Will invest in a circular polariser I guess when I pickup my SLR.

Mike, Im just a noob, but I will keep in mind what you said when Im shooting my first Swimsuit calender :D
If shooting people in bright sunlight then expose for the background (or slightly underexpose the background) then use fill flash to expose the subject.

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