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Feb 3, 2012
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Baltimore, MD
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Hey guys,

I've just taken the plunge into photography and I'm new to the site and looking for some pointers from individuals more experienced than I. More specifically, I'm looking for some useful tips and insights into composition. I was into film when I was in high school, and I hope I'm right when I assume that framing and negative space carry over? What should I keep in mind when I'm shooting?
I figure this board is inundated with newbies like me asking for tips, but any advice would be super helpful! I'll be going out into the city to do some shooting in the near future, so I'll be putting your advice to work! Hopefully I'll be able to post some shots in the near future for some C/C from the community.

If you were already into film, the rules have not changed. In all honesty though, there are no hard and fast 'rules,' simply guidelines. I would say keep in mind the rule of thirds - which means that your subject or focus point of the image should be placed near one of the lines that breaks your view finder into thirds vertically and horizontally (with the exception of symmetry), you could also use leading lines to your focus point etc. Use texture to your advantage to add visual interest. The most important thing here is LIGHT, identify your light sources, where they are coming from and know how the light will impact your subject.

I think you will do great. Just go shoot, post some here, and we can give you a little C&C. Best way to learn is just to go out there and do it! We can guide you from there. It might be good to pick up a book or two. Scott Kelby's Photography Tips books are very useful for beginners.

What do you plan to shoot, and maybe I can give some specific advice?

Good luck!
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