Tips to removing a fence from fox face?


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Dec 7, 2013
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Hello, today I shot a fox from behind a fence unfortunately the fox was jittery and to get the shot I ended getting the fence also. Any ideas or help to removing it?
I've had some good luck with this kind of problem by using layer masks and adjusting the contrast of the affected area. Messing with the contrast/curves/levels/brightness can let you remove the hazy effect and give it a more normal looking appearance. Sometimes you can get it to work and sometimes its too bad that you can't.

Mirroring the face would be an option, however its important to remember that no face is 100% identical on both sides; it would be thus a very "untrue" shot if you want it to be the fox itself in the photo.
I'll see if I can do it. I'm new to photo shop so I'm still learning how to use everything.
I would just leave it as is.

If you do edit, editing rule #1 is - edit a copy, not the original.

Quick and dirty editing; mostly just using a layermask and boosting the contrast with a small dip in brightness; selected to only the left side. I also rotated it. I think that you could play with the foreground whites a bit more to make them a touch less glaring. Otherwise its not too bad this one; the bar has given you a nice easy to work with line down one side to adjust so its fairly easy to work with (ergo its not a complex shape).
Too bad for the fence, I do like how you captured his facial expression.

You can use frequency separation. The same principle they use in editing lens flare and digital touch up for portraits. It doesn't affect the contrast/saturation/texture.

Hope this helps! =)

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