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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by JIP, Dec 19, 2006.

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    I have always been a big proponent of using wet lens tissue to clean my lenses you know 1 wet one to clean then 1 dry one immediately to dry but now it seems lots of people are trying to push microfiber cloths. My question is this what does everyone use. Also is it good to use a microfiber cloth on a good coated lens (like my 70-200 2.8) it seems all the rubbing it would take to get the stray fingerprint or piece of crud off that lens might damage it.

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    I use protective filters so I don't clean lenses often at all. If one gets dirty I try not to touch it. Blowing air would be my first choice. A brush would be the second choice. If I have to use a cleaning solution, either tissue or microfiber cloth will work. The cloth cleans better but the tissue is single use so you won't be carrying any grunge on it to the next cleaning job.

    Personally, I use microfiber cloths and wash them between uses. I don't use them very often. A typical lens in my collection will get cleaned about once in 5 years. Protective filters get cleaned often and I use tissue for them.

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