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To buy Lulu, or to buy Blurb? That really is the question


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Feb 20, 2009
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Basically, my clients want a modern photo book, not an album that I originally opted for.

Of course, it’s a lot cheaper, so I’m glad… but I don’t want it to come out in bad quality, that’s for sure.

I can get one off Lulu.com, hard cover and 20 pages, about 11” by 8.5”. Only $26 USD.


On the other hand, I could get it off Blurb.com – slightly larger, at 13” by 11”, 0-40 pages (I’m not sure whether you have to pay more for 40 pages rather than 20, it doesn’t say), hard cover and image wrapped cover, as well as silk finished paper. With my custom logo attached, price is $80.


Any thoughts? Image quality is the big, ultimate decision. After all, my clients are going to end up paying for it. But I’d just like to get them the better one.
Image quality has been an issue surrounding lulu that has recently popped up on message boards.

I can't speak to their photo print quality but I recently finished a standard print project with them and the print quality was so inconsistent between pages it was maddening. We're debating taking the issue up with them or just moving on for the next issue.

Do a couple searches and read the testimonies, even on their own message forums.
I ordered from Lulu a few weeks ago and made them give my money back. I have a wedding register from Blurb on the way - I'll be sure to post in the next couple days about the quality.

I have been using Asuka Books for my Clients and the quality is outstanding.

I have never had any problem with them and they just put in new printers.
They have a nice selection of book sizes and formats as well.

From what I can tell the two sites you have listed are consumer level books, I am not sure how they will compare to Asuka Book, but the consumer books I have seen in the past do not even come close in terms of construction or print quality.

Asuka book will cost much more than what is listed there, but is a high quality product.
Got the Blurb book...not as good as I expected for $70 but definitely usable. The resolution of the images seems to have been lowered by the software I had to use to design it.

Color and paper are much better than Lulu

The downside was def. the interface and inability to upload my own layout.

I'd use them again in a pinch, but will keep looking for something better. - I'm trying Asuka next time, but I do have to say the custom register was a success with the guests.

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