To Color or Not to Color....??


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Apr 25, 2006
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I am just not sure if I like it better with original colors or cropped with b&w and some tint adjustment..any suggestions??


B&W with tint adjustment
I prefer the black and white.

I am determined to take better Pictures tomarrow than I took today.....B.Harrington

Hopefully you are determined to spell better tomorrow as well. ;)
IMHO the cropped is better, not sure I like that particular tint.

There are other things I feel are off about the image, the angle of some things, point of focus etc.
i prefare the mono, but im not sure about the tint colour you have chose
I think the crop on the mono pic is better and think it would suit a sepia tone instead of the mono you have used.

this is only my opion


I usually do not venture out of my cave, but I like the tinted version (shock and dismay)

I even like the choice of tint... If I am not sadly mistaken, and I'm sure someone will be happy to explain it to you if I am, it is an aged paper tint effect you were after. If that was it, then yes it has the modern image feel and an aged look. I rather like it, but then I would.

And if you were going for aged the very short focus area is in keeping with the retro look. It has to do with the slower films of the time and larger apertures needed to hand hold cameras. Again if im wrong, I'm sure someone will explain better. For me it works

We have got to get spill chick for this board. And Bethany, have you ever tried microwaving barbie dolls so much fun....
In a fit of fickleness, I'm gonna have to say I like the color version better (I almost always say the BW version, because I'm a monochrome kinda guy). I like this shot in color, mainly because of the small areas of bright color, I think. I'd like to see what it looks like in BW without the tint.

Good job!
I assume when you said crop you mean just reduced the resolution of it, as I dont see what was cropped otherwise?

That may be why the tinted version seems sharper mysteryscribe.
Agree on the tent, i would bump up the contrast a little more as well. The color version seems too soft
I prefer the second picture. It doesn't look as soft. I would definitely agree with snow snow and say you should increase the contrast slightly or create an adjusted curve layer - maybe an unsharp mask?. Pity the sky isnt a big moodier, a few clouds would finish it off nicely.


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