To Filter Or Not To Filter ~ After Editing.


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May 30, 2003
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I have an Olympus C-700 2.1mp. Though a good camera (two years ago) I found that there is a certain amount of pixelation. I almost always run the images through my graphics editor to smooth out or set the contrast a titch to clarify the images.

Is this common? Just curious if you do any editing after you loaded your photos to the computer.

Nope, all the pics I take are absolutely perfect right out of the camera. :p

Chase, where the heck is that "fingers crossed behind my back" smilie? :wink:

Honestly, I've had a couple I haven't had to dink with, but most get massaged to some extent or other. Cropped if nothing else. I look at it as enhancing a digital picture, much the way film gets enhanced in the darkroom.

...short answer is "yes" - very common

Almost without exception, digital images will need "sharpening" somewhere in the work flow from original recording to finished product - whether it be for printing or Web display

You are not alone!


Yeah, I'm with you guys - I expect to edit my pics in Photoshop. It's just like a personal photo lab which is expressed in megabytes. LoL

Show me a pro-photographer that doesn't 'tamper' with their pics either in the dark-room or on a high-end workstation.

I think someone else (somewhere else) in another discussion mentioned that even the process of developing your negs an printing is a form of alteration. Or something like that.

So in my opinion, it's quite valid.

If it looks better - do it.

cHUCk in Melbourne :twisted:
sure i do :D .. i'd say 90% of the time i will edit it in photoshop ... touch up a spot thats distracting, sometimes crop (although my hubby is teaching me to just get what i want in the original picture) brighten it a little, make a b&w, add layers for better color depth, saturations, hues, etc.

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