Today was kind of a fun job.....


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Mar 8, 2011
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Nothing earth shattering. Just add some track light in a 45-year-old house.


What was fun is this is the house I grew up in. Me, Christmas 1970:


And what's even more unusual, the current occupant is my high school band teacher!!!!!
That must have been a step back in time! What are the odds that a former teacher would end up in your old house from when you were a kid?

What were you looking at thru that telescope?
Similarly to you, I now live in the house I grew up in. I was 18 months old when my parents bought the house and 22 when I moved out. Almost 10 years later my parents decided to move into an RV and practically gave us the place with the assumption that I fix the place up for them (I'm a contractor). The strangest thing was sleeping in my parents' room with my wife.
We moved out in 1973, and I almost bought the place in '88.
Cool.. I went back inside one of our old homes, really neat memories. And I enjoy that there are people that will let you in ;)

Oh, the photo on top shelf has uneven horizon....j/k !
I actually got this gig since I had come across about a dozen photos of the house being built. I think my grandmother took them, as dad never would have stopped to take any. I scanned 'em, dropped 'em onto a CD and knocked on their door.

To my surprise, there was my band teacher. He really was thrilled to get 12 shots of the house during different stages of construction. I left him a biz card, and now you know the rest of the story.
That's really neat, Sparky!

How I wish I'd been able to buy the house I grew up in. My grandfather built it (well, HELPED build it, when he was in town--but he was in South America much of the time while it was being built) in the late 40s.
My parents moved into it when they moved back here from NY (my Dad for the first time, my mom returning home) after they got married. Ironically, my grandfather never lived in the house. He passed away shortly after returning to the states in the early 50s.

Anyway, we lived there until I was 5, then moved to a small town in upper East Tennessee, then moved a mile down the same road to a different little town--then two years later, moved back to the same house here.
But then we moved to Atlanta when I was about 12.

After returning here and having kids, in my late 20s and early 30s, I used to drive by our old house quite a bit. Took my grandmother there once, and we got an inside look. It was...different. It was like they'd started with our house then added rooms and foyers and fancy stuff until the part that had been our house was completely unrecognizable. That sort of ended up being its downfall though--had it remained the same, I think it quite likely that I, or someone else in the family, would have purchased the house when it went up for sale in the late 90s.
But none of us happened to have the 750K to buy it, and the guy who DID have that kind of money was a developer who was only interested in the many acres of land that were included. So now, the site of my childhood home is a gated community with about 5 or 6 houses in "my yard."
That's really neat, Sparky!

How I wish I'd been able to buy the house I grew up in. My grandfather built it ............

My dad built the first three houses I lived in, this one was the second.


Yours truly is on the right, and in the lower right you can see the framing for the fireplace. Just to the left of dad is kneeling is where I took my photo this morning.
Very cool experience
^And the person next to you--brother? (I mean, obviously, probably not a sister--but could be a neighborhood kid. Or a cousin.)

.....Oh, the photo on top shelf has uneven horizon....j/k !

On the top shelf, far left, is Louis Armstrong (my teacher played trumpet). And the next shelf down, to the left of the clock, is a photographer.

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