Today's Raptors (only 1 rodent head)


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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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I never did find George Jr. today, but I found a new Juvi Red Tail that was not shy at all. Also an adult RT, a Red Shoulder Portrait and a Northern Harrier with a boring blue sky.. Thanks for looking and comments welcome..

Juvi Red Tail with mole head 1_25 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Juvi Red Tail 1_25 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Juvi Red Tail 1_25 2 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Red Shoulder Hawk Portrait 1_25 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Red Tail Hawk 1_25 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Northern Harrier 1_25 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr
Nice set! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day in late January
OMG, you are not kidding! I was laying in the snow for 2 hours shooting a GBH and I wasn't even cold... Looks like we are starting Feb in the mid to upper 40's on the coast...
Wonderful stuff! Love #1. That Harrier is a nice find as well. I spent the whole day outdoors too, mid 40's tomorrow!!!
Lovely. Even the mole head. (I have cats... I've seen much worse.)
Another super set!:1219:
Great stuff, especially #2.
Awesome shots! I love how the lighting on your 3rd photo draws out the eye and highlights the head
nice set as always. i really like 3 and 6
Nice set, especially the 5th one.I love that one!!
it's just too bad you didn't get any sharp photos :allteeth:

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