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May 12, 2008
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My little brother Tony who has a bad habit. C and C definitely welcome, I would like to know where I can improve, thank you.




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2nd one is nice..
Wearing a hat and bare shoulders... is that the bad habit you're referring to? :)

That's the only thing that stands out to me. It's the part of the images (#2,3) I don't 'get'. Lighting might be a little hot, too.

#1 I'm struggling to suggest that either more or less DOF would help. I like the idea of what's being in focus, but he's blurred to this dangerous degree where he's just odd looking, either too blurry or not blurry enough.
1- I’m thinking the composition might improve by zooming in. I don’t feel you need ALL of him in the picture. Maybe a little bit more of the cig in focus

2 and 3. His body is a little too white (hot lights?), and that mixed with his t-shirt tan, is a bit distracting. If the colour isn’t even, I’d not include it in this picture. I’m also not digging the hat, mainly because you can’t see it. It could be a lampshade on his head. Maybe zoom out a bit and tilt the hat to see more than just the inside of his cap.

Nice sharpness on the eyes and nice use of the smoke.
Thanks for the C and C, and I totally agree. So here is another shot that I cropped. Thanks.


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