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Jul 23, 2009
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North Carolina
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I noticed some birds in a tree near my house and tried to take a few shots of them. It was almost sundown and the tree was in the shade so light was definitely an issue. I also had to use a fairly fast shutter speed because the little guys are fast and wouldn't hold still. Both were taken at ISO 1,000 F/8 with my 55-300mm and are pretty hevily cropped. Are they too noisy? I didn't want to lose any sharpness by opening up the lens but I may have been better off.


They are fairly noisy, and the first one seems slightly soft. I think opening up to f5.6 and dropping your ISO by a stop would have been worth any slight loss of sharpness (and in reality, I doubt you'd notice it).
Thanks, since the tree is by the house and I see nests in it they should be 'available' for a reshoot. I'll probably pick a better time of day and try openning up the lens and see what I get.
I'd blame the softness more on the consumer grade lens than noise. The D7000 is perfectly capable of taking tack-sharp photos at well above iso 1000.
^ I agree! Noise is not the main issue.... first one looks OOF! I would kick the ISO up a notch even.. and watch that shutter speed.
If that is a D7000 it can take going up in ISO a bit to keep that extra bit of sharpness. The first is definitely OOF. I am not seeing a noise issue in these, but it could definitely be there. I'd like to see a 100% crop.
I will post a larger crop when I get home. I was thinking that my lens was limiting things but I am hesitant to blame hardware for sub-quality work, both were taken at 300mm so that probably caused some issusues as well. I was using auto focus and may have snapped the first one before the lens dialed in completely on him/her. They were very fast and would not stay in one place for more than a second and with all of the limbs in the way I was having some trouble nailing the focus.
As mentioned, here are some extreme crops and the originals (converted to jpeg).




There is no bad noise problem there. It's just softness from either missed focus or more likely a consumer lens. The dark brown has a LITTLE noise in it, but ACR would get rid of that right quick without compromising your sharpness.
Noob opinion:

Too noisy for what? The cover of NatGeo? Then yes. But not anywhere near noisy enough to not keep as a personal photo or share on the Internet.

As has been stated multiple times above, the lack of sharpness is more of a problem than any noise there. Keep shooting and posting!

Thanks for all the responses. I'd say my limited experience, the consumer grade lens and the poor shooting conditions all played a part in the softness seen in the photos. I'll try shooting them in better light and see what that gets me. I am currently working on getting some better glass as well. As for experience, well I'm working on that too. :D

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