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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by shuuchuu, Nov 19, 2008.

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    Hi, and thanks in advance for any replies, I haven't got a clue about any of this stuff......

    I was searching for something totally unrelated on ebay the other day and in the listing I came across a Rollei 35. It was going for around 10 quid, and I thought it'd be a pretty cool christmas present for my missus, being retro and chic and all that, so I started to read up about it a bit. The more I've read about it the more I've fallen for this little thing, and I've just bought an SE for around £100. Now my questions...... I know nothing about anything to do with this, I realise I can find the answers around the internet, and I will, but has anyone got some starting directions to give me, anything from focussing, exposure to what film to use, going about developing film, and I don't know if photography has its classics, but if so can anyone recommend a sort of 'refererence' work on it all, something I can pop in her stocking so she can at least take a few shots before I take it off her ;)

    Again, thanks for any replies.

    p.s. I should probably add that I'm not being lazy not looking for the answers myself, I am, it's just that I know for a fact that no matter how much I knew about photography, my girlfriend has not does not and will not listen to me when I'm trying to explain something, hence me asking for a book, ta

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    this is a very cool little camera.

    it is a bit tricky as it doesn't have a focus ring, you have to set the distance based on fstop, but once you get use to it if works out fine.

    i would suggest trix or hp5 plus film as they are both very forgiving. you will need to find a place that does traditional developing or start developing your own film and then perhaps scanning if you don't want to go down the darkroom road.

    at one time there was a place on line that had all sorts of camera manauls available, however, i don't remember the url, but that would help as this is not an ordinary off the shelve camera and not everyone will know much about it, unless they have been around a long time.

    it bottom loads which is also a bit different,

    on the other hand you have good taste as it is a wonderful little camera.

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