Training plane


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Jul 28, 2013
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Outside Peterborough, Ontario Canada
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LOL, lets hope maybe after the Navy gets outboards to replace the paddles :)

We do make fun of our own, but I am proud of them all.
I looked into this a little more because if you look at the belly of the plane on the larger pic you can see the ramp of the C130 is open. It turns out this was a demonstration for the kids at the camp on the island across the lake. The island is an DOD holding and has had a kids camp on it for years for kids in need originally and now for kids of active service pesonnel and vets who may be struggling with a parents absense while on duty or an injury. The DOD is also building a recouperation centre on the island for returning vets who need a place to recover from injuries with thier families. Three parachutists jumped off the ramp over the camp and landed on the island then after they met with the kids a helicopter landed to recover them.

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