Transcend R285 SD card


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Jun 17, 2013
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Anyone have any experience with them? Are they actually that fast?

They are rated at 285 mb/sec Read and 180 Mb/sec Write. I realize the cameras is only going to be able to write as fast as it can write, but I hate how slow transfers to my computer are sometimes.

My current SanDisk Extreme Pro card is starting to crap out yet again. I'm pretty much done with that brand. I bought a replacement on Amazon and it's only measuring 35 mb/sec read/write using Crystral DiskMark through my USB 3.0 card reader. I swear when I got the first card I was getting 90 mb/sec read and 75 mb/sec write.

I keep butting up against the buffer and have to wait for files to write in my D610 even with the new card replacement, and that's not something I'm typically used to. I'm pretty sure I'm going to return it and try this Transcend card.

I know ill still be limited to the UHS-I of my Camera, but once on the computer I'd like to be able to dump the files much faster, as well as get the UHS-I speed in the camera. Currently, my SanDisk ULTRA is measuring just as fast as this Extreme Pro -- that's just sad.

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B&H is selling it, where I can't find it anyone else really, but there's no reviews on it and I'm not finding much info on it otherwise. I'm assuming it's brand new.
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