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Jul 14, 2009
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This is from my last shoot, trashing a dress in a slot canyon near Baraboo, WI.
18mm, f/4, 1/200, ISO 400. Canon T2i running magic lantern + 18-55 IS kit lens.

C&C welcome.
Is your monitor calibrated?
Nope. How's it look on yours?
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Basically green skin with alot of blue in her dress. The pictures a bit small so its hard to give more specifics.
Gotcha, thanks. It's a bit of a pain keeping this display calibrated due to the environment it's in, and I've been lazy about it.
You should google how to color balance using your RGB #'s. I can color balance most of my images without even looking at them because of that.
Colour aside, I like the photo. Cropping could be played with but all in all I like it as-is. You caught the sun coming through the trees, a great look on her face, the wetness of her dress and hair looks like she got caught in the woods in the rain. I half expect to see a couple of dwarves hiding behind the bracken or a unicorn wandering down the track. :)
IMO, the skin tone doesn't look too off to me. The dress does look on the blue side though, but that could be easily toned down.

The comp is great though, and the contrast of her and the intense amount of greenery around her works.

It seems you used your beard to great effect in this photo.
faux blur, yes? Nicely done though. GJ.
Thanks folks.

Yeah, the background was rather busy. Left the 5D and faster glass in my car, since I planned on spending most of the morning in neck deep water and already had to haul 15lbs worth of Mamiya RB gear into the canyon. Light rays were post as well, since I already had the highlight areas in the leaves to work with.

Here's where I was shooting:
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