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May 15, 2003
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I believe that travel and photography tend to go hand in hand at times. I think it would be nice if there was a travel section in the forum.
A travel section could be used to provide information to people looking for exciting places and interesting subjects.
I’m planning on doing some backpacking in Europe from September to December and I’m definitely going to have my camera out the whole trip. I’d be interested to hear from any photographers who have been backpacking in Europe and have interesting stories to tell or tips to give.
Well I just posted something in the new section. Guess we just gotta sit back and see if anyone listens. Thank you for listening in the first place.
good idea twist. i just got back from a trip to the country, which coincedentally is basically 25 miles away. took 4 rolls. we shall see!!

I think a travel and/or workshop section would be a good idea.

Most photograpy websites have a travel/workshop section where guys like me can have their website listed.

Check it out...

I'll watch for the creation of a new section perhaps.

Michael Slade
Tawayama Safaris Inc.
We actually did have this section, but it was removed. People didn't use it as much as we had anticipated.
Maybe if enough people show interest in it we can revive the dead Travel section?
i must have missed that travel section!

i really dig the idea of a travel section - perhaps i needs to be more a travel photo-blog - I think people will probably be more interest in events surround the photo than the purely technical.

I for one love it when people tell where they took the photo - just another place in the world to visit!!
Yup, this section was before your time Nagy.

I also find it interesting to hear of the adventures that surround the photo. This section was more of a "what to do and what to shoot when your here" kinda thread.

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