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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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So, Yes I had to hop a fence or so to get in here. I have wanted to shoot this for .. well, 25 years. Its an abandon horse track out here in Phoenix called (Phoenix Trotters Park). It was built and opened in 1962 and closed in 1964. It has sat ever since. Many things have happened here over the years. It has always had my attention as I pass it. I had a vision before shooting it. I wanted to create the creepy feeling it always made me feel like. I thought it came out well. C&C always welcomed.
I noticed a couple issues on the sharpening but I didn't want to go back and spend the time detailing the corrections tonight.
What do ya think on it?

Ok, that building does look a little cold-war era.
Very interesting.
Needs a little lighten up / contrast tweak ... it's a bit flat.
Yes I agree. I had it at -74, I made a lot of changes since the adjustment. I bumped it up a little to -30 and its an improvement.
Really love the location, and the photo! I would definitely go bad for more shots of that, there are so many possibilities with this, and I bet you can find a way in! ;)
Wow, what beautiful architecture! Such a shame that it was barely ever used.

The composition is okay. The framing is okay. What I think it needs is more contrast,a slight brightness boost, and some dodging, to lighten the building, but to keep the skies threatening and stormy-looking.
Thanks for the responces, I agree with what you are saying derell and as mentioned above. I didn't think about lightening up the building. I do kinda like the darker feel to it. Tho.. you guys are almost always right on the money lol. I'll play around with it. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't repost but I did make those corrections with the brightness and contrast.

There are many ways in the building. There are many ways to see someone going on tho. Lots of eyes! I would have to park a couple blocks away as well. Maybe one day
Love the shot, but I would like to see it with those black things clone stamped out.
Love this shot. Would be a great location for a scene in a James Bond movie.


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