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Tricks for dealing with camera shy kids?


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Jul 25, 2010
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I have two folks one is a family member and the second friend of the family willing to let me practice photographing their kids. However the problem is both kids are very camera shy. So I ask is there any tips or tricks will dealing with camera shy kids or adults for that matter?
For shy kids, you can try ignoring them. Instead, talk to their parents (but keep the camera ready).
you give them Vodka.
or, talk to them, make them feel important, they'll open up if your patient and you get the shots, toddlers are worse, give them a toy from the box all good photographers have, babies, feather duster, bright object on fishing line, dangle, get attention, pull it out of the shot and hit the shutter, works all the time. H
Yeah, I pretty figured my comment was out there...I thought it was funny...but the grumpy face? ha! But the vodka to a kid comment is just fine right?

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