tried out the new 12-24


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Dec 8, 2007
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Doylestown, PA
its a cool lens, very wide but the shots i took werent too impressing


Eh.. I like them. Especially the first. It might look better as a square crop though, with all that empty bridge on the left gone.
very colorful and sharp! i agree with the crop comment. but on the other hand, the current crop gives you a real feeling of the length of the bridge
if i cropped the bridge the water reflection would be gone, but i think it might look better ill give it a try. i cropped the neon sign because a car was in the shot, plus there was dead space above too. i honestly dont think these shots are that sharp, i think the coolest part is the christmas colored lights on the bridge, i cant wait for 4th of july when they make them red white and blue.

thanks for the comments

i think if the shot was in the dead center and panoramic it would look cool, but it would be hard to get in the dead center
That is a beautiful shot, I would be quite pleased if had taken that.
wow.. #1 its spectacular. cool that you also got the moon in.

I like the cropped version even more.
on second thought, I think I like the original more. the bridge looks more impressive in the first one.

anyway..both are awesome.
Don't sell yourself short These do look very good. I too like #1 especially.

I agree that the sheer size of the bridge in the uncropped version of number 1 is what makes the shot..
wow i feel good about myself. thanks for the comments. the moon looks full in the picture but it was only a half moon, it was weird it wasnt cut verically, it was cut horizontally straight across, too bad u cant see it. i also learned that this lens isnt the sharpest at 12mm

btw this is the ben franklin bridge in philadelphia that leads into camden nj
Are you referring to the Nikon or Tokina lens?

nikon, i know they are pretty much the same thing, i just thought i should get the better one, i know ill keep it forever so why not go all out?
Hey, if you can afford it more power to you. I can't blame you there. I went with the Tokina though...for the sake of my marriage. :D

What were your settings? Tripod or handheld?

With 8 second exposures I am pretty sure a tripod was used.

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